Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

The Traveler bicycle rack gives you a chance to transport up to 4 bicycles on the back of your vehicle without needing to hold back on style or pay a huge amount of money.

This flexible bicycle bearer slides into your vehicle’s 1-1/4 inch or 2-inch trailer hitch. Leave on the included connector sleeve to fit the shank into a 2-inch recipient, or get rid of the sleeve to slide the shank into a Class II, 1-1/4-inch beneficiary. An anti-wobble hitch pin lessens the movement of the rack in the hitch collector. Furthermore, you can fix the thumbscrew on the back of the upright pole to help keep the pole from wobbling.

Developed from tough steel with a smooth dark powder coat finish. The Traveler highlights double arms that bolster your bicycles and better oblige women’s, youngsters’ and optional alternatives. A connector bar [HRBA-PRO sold separately may in any case be needed. The arms effectively overlay down when the rack is not being used. Simply evacuate the fastened safeguard pin.

Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Elastic anti-sway cradles with straps solidly grasp your bicycle’s casing at three focuses to keep it from moving front to back. This serves to keep your bicycles from hitting one another and your vehicle amid travel. The support turns and slide along the arms, so you can without much of a stretch change them in view of the sort and number of bicycles you’re transporting. Furthermore, you can utilize the coordinated safety belt to help hold your bicycles secured.

The Traveler’s upright pole tilts forward to permit access to your vehicle’s freight territory. When your bicycles are emptied, simply expel the linchpin from the base and tilt the rack far from the vehicle. An anti-rattle hitch bolt and link lock set are prescribed to prevent robbery of the rack and your bicycles.

Presently, this bicycle rack will give you a chance to convey up to four bicycles on the back of your vehicle. It highlights an anti-sway framework to balance out your bicycles. The double collapsing arms and anti-wobble hitch pin verify that this bicycle rack secures the bicycles and holds them consistent. The anti-sway device protects bicycle-to-bicycle contact and bicycle to vehicle contact. The supports will turn to better for bicycles with differing, and they will slide along the arms permitting you to modify bicycle separating.

The supports are made of a delicate plastic and the straps are made of an elastic which won’t scratch or scrape your bicycles wrap up.

Presently, this dark plastic piece here on the shank is likewise removable if you wish to. You’ll simply need to fix the two Allen bolts holding it to the shank and after that it can be uprooted. You can now feel free to slide the bicycle rack shank into the hitch, line up the hitch pin opening, and introduce and fix down the included anti-rattle bolt. With the bolt tight, you’ll put the clasp on the other side which will secure the bicycle rack to the vehicle.

This bicycle rack pole does tilt down to permit access to the payload territory. To do this, you will force the clasp and afterward slide the pin around here on the base of the pole. You can then tilt the pole down and open our payload entryway. As it should be obvious, with this bicycle rack secured to the vehicle, you still ready to get entrance in the load zone. With the pole re-stuck, you’ll see on the back of the pole is an anti-rattle device.

Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack  Features

  • The product unleashes red safety reflectors on arms
  • It will not scratch or scuff your bike’s finish
  • It comes with anti-rattle hitch lock and cable lock set

Advantage Of Using The Product

  • The product is sturdy and easy to use
  • It can fit your bikes to the vehicle easily
  • It is rust-resistant

Disadvantage Of Using The Product

  • The product may come without straps


Wit the great features of the product, you are sure to discover total ecstasy and solace. Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack is a product that will always be in the market. This is because the product is sure to provide the best results and nothing more.

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