How To Make A Bike Rack For A Truck ?

A truck bike rack is often heavy and may not be pulled from one point to another. People planning to purchase this type of bike rack will always find it expensive. For this reason, it is expedient to know how to make a bike rack for a truck. The DIY approach can help build a rack that can work for about four bikes.

This is usually found operating in the truck. However, building this type of bike rack will help you to save time and money. With the rack standing on its own, you can judiciously use your garage without any stress attached. Are you searching hints on how to make a bike rack for a truck? Read through the rest part of this article and find useful hints.

9 Step To Make A Bike Rack For A Truck


Step 1:

The first thing to do is get your material ready. Your supplies can be easily purchased in an improvement store. In most cases often like using a hacksaw or a power miter saw. Ensure that the hacksaw has a little grease working with it. Using sandpaper is also a good idea when planning on this process.

Step 2:

You can always cut or section the pipe in several parts. In case you will be considering setting up a stop block, it is always a good idea to section the pipe into several parts. It will help to make things easier and faster. Ensure that the cutting measurement of the pipe remains the same. It will also help you to get the best results. Each end of the pipe should be properly wiped by using a piece of sandpaper. This will also help to get rid of any cutting errors.

Step 3:

Next on the list is to get about six pipe sections ready. 1 18 1/2-inch section along with a T-connector is also needed. It is important to also get ready the 9 1/2-inch section along with a T-connector. Right with the same pattern, you can ensure to put together 2 end sections. This can be effectively done with 90-degree elbows. This should be done in the end as well. Now go ahead to lay out the section in sets.

Step 4:

To join the paired sections, it is always a good idea to use the 1 3/4-inch pieces. Just between each pair, you can ensure to use the 9 3/8-inch pieces as well. This will help you to get the best results ever.

Step 5:

Now, it is time to carefully layout or spread the support area pairs. When doing this, you will have to make use of the 8 1/2-inch pieces. It should be placed in the vertical section alongside with a T-connector. The leftover piece can be used for the horizontals. Nevertheless, the process should be carried out using 90-degree elbows on the sides.

Step 6: 

Right to the main section, it is a good idea to connect the support structure. This should be done on a flat platform. The right angles should be properly set and you can as well adjust the fit. Remember that setting the right angles can be done from the T-connectors and elbows.

Step 7:

You will have to give the rack of the bike a try in the truck. This should be done to ensure things work properly before gluing takes place. Each of the pieces should be structurally removed one after the other. You can now use cement to garner the beauty of operation around the tube. Ensure to perform this task prior to replacing it into position. It is important to know that the glue can respond quickly. On this note, it is expedient to have angles fixed at thge right position prior to pushing them together.

Step 8:

Painting the pieces may be a great idea. However, it is not important, but can protect these pieces and pipes from sun damage. Once the pipes and pieces are dry, ensure to set up the bike rack again. They should be tested behind the truck. This will help to protect it from any further danger.

Step 9:

You will have to push the tire forward when planning to put a bike in the right position. It should be done between the spaces available. By running a bungee cord, you can help to protect the bike rack. Ensure that the running process should be from the handle bar while extending to the rack.

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