Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Yakima RidgeBack hitch-mounted rack gives you a chance to convey four bicycles on your vehicle. The upgraded anti-sway supports with ZipStrip straps protect your bicycles to the rack. The SpeedKnob gives instrument free establishment and operates as an anti-rattle gadget.

One crucial factor about the Yakima RidgeBack is its extraordinary cam lever working framework. You can easily discover a red cam lever on top and as well as the a dark option. Essentially, the motivation behind why these are situated all in the same region with the goal that you do not need to stretch around the back of the bicycle rack or draw any pins or handles or anything of such nature.

Understanding the Basic Use Of Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack

Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack

It’s all fundamentally a one-stop shop to overlap the bicycle rack and access the back seal. Presently, if you lift the red option up, there is every possibility to fold the arms down for minimal stockpiling. For instance, you would prefer not to take the bicycle rack off and simply need to drive directly into your garage, you can utilize that red lever to put the arms in a slowed down position. It’s going to simply diminish the general length added to the vehicle.

Once more, you can raise the lever upward and bring the arms out. If you pull the dark cam lever, it will permit you to tilt the weight of the rack down. This action permits you to immediately open the back portal and get your cap, water pack or cycling shoes that you’ll be taking for a trail ride.

Presently, another flawless thing about the Yakima RidgeBack is its remarkably planned S-style pole. You can see it have some bend. This configuration bends towards the vehicle down at the base. At the point when your bicycles are hanging, your pedals, sprocket, and everything will be right here.

Buckling far from your bike is simply going to help keep that from interacting with the pole and harming the pedals, chain, sprocket or anything of such nature. Presently, moving down a bit on the bicycle rack down here at the base, another crucial thing is the pace handle. This takes into consideration a fast and simple arrangement.

Essentially, what this pace handle does is that when you fix it, there’s a wedge within the shank. That wedge is going to cabin itself or crush itself in the middle of the edge of the hitch and it’s going to keep any squirm from inside of the hitch. The bicycle rack is secured truly well to the hitch furthermore, your bicycles are going to ride a great deal better in light of the fact that there’s not going to be as much development.

Presently, on the pace handle, there is lock center that does accompany two keys that you can utilize. Essentially, when this is bolted, it will simply turn free. No one will have the capacity to relax it up and expel it from the hitch.

Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack Features

  • The product comes with optional cable lock
  • You can discover 3D mast design that offers upgraded bike clearance
  • There is also length of shank from the middle of the hitch pin
  • The product comes with a hitch-mounted rack. This will enable you to carry about four bikes on the back of your vehicle
  • There is upper hand control lever. This feature will enable you to tilt or change the rack away from your vehicle
  • Users will discover the presence of the integrated speedknob feature. It works as anti-rattle device and helps to provide tool-free installation
  • Upgraded anti-sway support with hassle-free ZipStrip straps protects your bikes to the rack

Advantage Of Using The Product:

  • The product is highly secure
  • The bikes found on the rack are also covered or guaranteed
  • The rack sticks out far enough for effective functioning

Disadvantage Of Using The Product:

  • The product’s sticker on the rack peels off pretty easy.


In a nutshell, the Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack is a great product to purchase. Checking through the features of the Yakima RidgeBack 2-Bike Hitch Rack, you are sure to find total solace and ecstasy. The product is easy to use and remain unique about all its features. It will not pose any problem to you provided the right instructions are obeyed.

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